10dB Recording Studio

My own studio is a great sounding room, perfect for mixing and editing in-the-box. The acoustics have been beautifully tuned to provide a controlled listening position with tight punchy low end.


The main advantage of mixing here is that there are no additional studio charges for revisions. With a hardware based system every tweak requires a recall and studio time to be factored in. 


You would be hard pushed to hear the difference between mixes created in this room versus rooms built around a large format analogue desk. However, I try to offer all options so you can choose which best suits your budget and if you have a preferred studio then I'm happy to work there.


With an extensive list of software and DAW options, essentially there are no limitations to what can be achieved. Protools Ultimate, Logic Pro X and Ableton Live are all on hand.


Keyboards & Analog Synths:

Nord Stage 2 HA88

Roland Fantom 7

Moog Slim Phatty

Prophet REV 2

Novation Peak

Plugins highlights:

Waves Mercury
iZotope Ozone


Fab-Filter Suite
Slate Digital Bundle

Soundtoys Bundle

Valhalla Reverbs

Cost: £0 (Studio included in the mix price)


Church Studios

This stunning studio is owned by Paul Epworth and managed by Miloco. Located in Crouch End it is easy to access from all of London and offers a huge space to work in.

Centred around their beautiful SSL 4000G desk, this mix room is as modern as they get. With custom made Augspurger Monitors it provides a depth and scale of monitoring unparalleled in other London studios. With a vast array of analog outboard gear it is the best choice when budget is no limitation.


Outboard gear includes:

API 3124V 4-Channel
EAR 822Q Valve EQ
Tube-Tech PE 1B Program EQ

Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor

Neve 33609 Stereo Compressor

Fairchild 670 Compressor/Limiter

Plugins highlights:

Waves Mercury
iZotope Ozone

Abbey Road TG Mastering

UAD All Plugins Collection
Audio Damage Bundle

SugarBytes Bundle

Valhalla Reverbs

Cost: Please contact us for a quote

The Red Room

The Red Room is another one of the beautiful studios managed by Miloco. With no live room this is a room purely focussed on mixing, which saves excess cost on space you don't need for the mix stage.


Built around the SSL 56 channel G+ Series Console this room is purely designed around flexibility when mixing. You can mix purely on hardware and the SSL desk, or mix entirely in Protools with all the hardware available as inserts. The mix is then quicker to recall and less money spent on studio time for any revisions.


The mains are Augspurger Duo-15” Monitors with Dual 18” subs but plenty of other monitoring options including Barefoot MicroMain 27's, Yamaha NS10's, Adam S3A's and Dynaudio BM15's.


Outboard gear includes:

Urei 1176 Compressors

Chandler Limited EMI TG12413

Manley Variable Mu

Chandler Limited EMI TG12345

Pultec EQP-1A3 EQ

Plugin highlights:

Waves Platinum
UAD Bundle

Massey Nundle

Soundtoys Bundle

Valhalla Reverbs

Cost: Please contact us for a quote