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10dB Studio Price List

Realistically every mix project is unique in it's requirements, but the prices below are to offer a rough guide so you can estimate the cost for your own requirements. Of course just get in touch for a bespoke quote or for questions on anything that isn't mentioned below.

What is included?

  • The use of 10dB Recording Studio is included for free in all the options below which is a beautifully tuned mix room with a focussed mix position and tight punchy low end. Should you have a larger budget and prefer to use one of the amazing London Recording Studios these can be added on as extras. Please contact us for prices as these can vary throughout the year.

  • If little bits of editing are needed on performances to tighten them up, such as occasional vocal tuning, the odd drum hit that is out of place, or little bits of background noise to cut out then this will be taken care of. For anything extensive these would be an added extra.

  • Feedback - I will offer advice on any areas that you could tighten up in the audio to achieve the best results.


We appreciate it is a very tough time for the music industry as a whole, so we are offering 25% discount on rates. The prices below already have the discount factored in.

Please note that all prices are ex VAT @ 20%

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